Don’t let the energy providers win  

Take control and keep your gas bills low!

Surprise, surprise, British Gas announced last month electricity prices will go up by 12.5%. Let’s face it, the other energy providers will follow suit. This is not helped by the government doing a U-turn on introducing price caps.

Heating and hot water in the average UK home accounts for 75% of the home’s energy usage. It’s imperative more than ever for homes to take control now to help manage the ever-rising energy prices.

Don’t worry, our advice is not to live in one room of the house, or wear layers and layers of clothing, or tell the children to run around the living room to keep warm, that’s just impractical advice! Our advice is not about changing everyday habits with impossible ways, we advise our customers to invest now in an efficient boiler to support the heating and hot water demands in their home. This will avoid them feeling the heat in their bank accounts in the long term.


What should homes aim for?

Every gas home should try to aim for an A+ rating heating and hot water solution, and this can be achieved simply by upgrading the boiler in the home. When we quote a customer for a new boiler, the first question we ask ourselves is how we can make the heating and hot water in the home more efficient? We look at all aspects of the home and investigate how they use most of their energy.


A boiler range which is making big waves in the industry is ATAG Heating Technology’s i-series. It’s been rated as the most efficient boiler in Europe, winning ‘Best Boiler’ in the Netherlands for the past 8 years and has achieved 9.7 excellent rating on Trustpilot. ATAG has been around for many years in the UK for their commercial boiler range. When ATAG Heating Technology launched the i-series for domestic homes over 2 years ago, it was a huge welcome to The Boiler Replacement Company and became our number 1 choice to install in our customers’ homes.

We always believe that efficiency of a boiler should be the first on the list when a customer decides which boiler to have installed in their home. There are a few boilers on the market where you can reach an A+ ErP rating. For example, the ATAG’s Economiser combination boiler with ONE controller (App controller) is one of the few boilers which can reach this performance, and could save you up to £320 a year on your gas bill.


Other Factors

As we said, efficiency is key, but there are other factors to be aware of to make sure this efficiency is supported with quality reassurance of a boiler:

·        Warranty length – Aim for the longest possible. We offer 10-year warranty as standard with all ATAG boilers.

·        The main component of a boiler is the heat exchanger, this is like the engine of a car! Make sure your warranty covers replacement of the heat exchanger. ATAG offers a life time replacement guarantee as standard on their iCon heat exchanger

·       Make sure you understand the controls. It’s fantastic when a boiler is A+ rated, but if you don’t understand how to use the controls, you won’t get the best performance from your boiler. We always make sure our customers understand the settings and which ones to use for their home to achieve the best performance.

So as you can see, the energy providers don’t have to win! Homes in the UK can take control and research the best boiler for their needs. We’re more than happy to discuss with you the options for your home to make sure you decrease your gas bill.

For more information, here are some independent sources:

·         Energy Saving Trust –

·         Which? –

·         Trustpilot – read boiler reviews from consumers and installers –

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