Essex homes are warming up!

How warm do you like your home?

Heating the home is the constant argument in any home, especially when you have teenagers! It seems that people are wearing less at home, and not reaching for jumpers as their first source to warm up.

Research has shown that in the last 50 years the average room temperature has increased significantly. We have gone from the average room temperature of 12°C to    18°C. Of course, nowadays homes are better insulated with double glazing, insulation in loft and walls and our boilers are much more efficient, but this has not made us turn down the thermostat, it has made us turn it up!

The battle of the thermostat!   

I’m writing this blog because of a recent post I saw on Facebook. A friend, originally lived in Essex (now in London) posted she had given up and had put the heating on (3rd October), with a picture of her thermostat at 20°C. This caused a long thread of debating from her friends, what was the perfect room temperature? Everyone had strong views about this topic, and no one was backing down.

Looking at her list of friends who took part in the debate, there was a geographical divide. People living up north preferred a lower temperature, and down south we like a warmer home.

Essex, we are officially too hot to handle!

That’s right, Essex, we like it warm. Jumpers are out, and thermostats are in!

The average UK temperature in the home is set at 20C, and it seems that in the south we have helped this high average temperature, but what is this doing to our bank balance? Here are some savings you can make with just some small alterations to your home (I mean, PUT ON A JUMPER!).

Now, these are some interesting savings you could make! If you haven’t put your heating on yet, wait a few more weeks and you could save £30. That is a family trip to the cinema with popcorn thrown in this half term. So, tell the kids to put on a jumper!

Or rather than relying on family members to put on jumpers, you can take real control of the situation and invest in smart thermostat technology, where you can set temperatures for different zones in your home and control all your heating needs from your phone. This will cancel out any fingers lurking around the thermostat when you’re not there. You can view live updates of the temperature in and out (with a weather compensator) your home to assess the perfect room temperature, anytime and anywhere.

If you want to hear more about how you can control the heating in your home,

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