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Condensing boilers are more efficient than non condensing boilers because they reuse heat that would otherwise escape through the flue. As this reused heat cools the temperature drops to a level where liquid water is formed. This cooled water is called a condensate. Condensing boilers have large or two heat exchangers to take full advantage of this reused heat. SEDBUK "A" rated condensing boilers reduce substantially on fuel use and carbon emissions.

The Energy Savings Trust have calculated that installing "...a new [condensing] boiler and a full set of heating controls could save you between £190 - £230 and 1.7 tonnes of CO2 a year."

Some of the modern condensing boilers include extra features such as:
Boiler diagnostic displays, frost protection, hot water power store for "instantaneous hot water at a constant temperature..."


Having control of your heating helps create a comfortable environment and reduces energy levels. It is also required for part L of building regulations. To this end manufactures have developed devices that offer very granular control of your heating.

For example programmers can control hot water and central heating; having settings for each day of the week and different settings for each part of the day. The more advanced programmers have holiday modes, party modes and can be controlled with a smart phone or web interface. Being able to turn off your boiler if your caught in traffic or delayed at the office can really put you in command of your energy usage and fuel bills.


Modulating boilers change their gas and fan rates so as to use only as much energy as necessary to cater for a particular demand. This results in components not working at full peak all of the time. With modulating gas valves the rate is gradually reduced as temperatures are reached. This saves fuel and energy.


The higher the kilowatts (KW) and flow rates a boiler has the better it is suited for larger households.

For example the ecoTEC plus 937 is designed for larger properties. The relevant specs from Vaillant for this boiler are :

200 litres of blended hot water (?=35°C) in 10 minutes 15.2 l/min flow rate @ 65°C 15 litre "actoSTOR" recharges in just 2 minutes domestic hot water output up to 37.0 kW

What these figures mean is that higher flow rates and kilowatts results in quicker bath filling, better shower performance and instantaneous hot water at several supply points at the same time.


SEDBUK is a Government run program established to ensure best practices and asses boilers for energy efficiency. They use a grading system from A to G. "A" graded boilers have high efficiency levels of around 90%. 100% would mean no loss of heat or wastage of fuel inputs.


Condensing boilers require a certain degree of mains water pressure in order to work correctly. Some manufactures have a minimum requirement of 0.5 bar. To test the pressure we use a pressure gauge that is fitted to a mains supplied tap. If your property is supplied by less than 0.5 bar it may be necessary to fit a new pipe that connects to the mains in order to achieve the required pressure. If this is not suitable the combination boiler can have water supplied by a tank in the loft but this defeats the space saving advantages of the combination boiler.


Benchmark is a standard introduced into the heating industry to safe guard standards of installation and commissioning. "The mark of quality for domestic heating". Installers should fill out a checklist that makes sure the boiler has been properly installed and commissioned. You can view the boiler checklist here


The Magnaclean is a magnetic filter that is connected to your heating sytem just before the boiler to remove iron oxide. To view the Maganaclean click here.


Weather compensators take into consideration the outside temperature and adjust the inside temperature accordingly. If the weather is erratic the boiler compensates, working only as much as needed. This also means you are not constantly adjusting the boiler functions and room temperatures. Additional fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved.


GAS SAFE Register replaced CORGI gas regulations in Great Britain on April 1st 2009. To view their site click here


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