We keep busy homes going!

Most of our customers have the same thing in common, a busy home! It’s not just families who have busy homes, we have found that couples and people living on their own also have hectic lives. It’s all thanks to technology, we can now live life in the fast lane and experience all.

For our business to stand out from other Heating Engineers we have to be able to give our customers quality service so our boilers we install must meet this high expectation.

We are there for our customers and so are the boilers we install; our busy customers don’t want to keep seeing us and their boiler needs to be so good they don’t even though it’s in the home.

This might sound confusing, right? A product in the home which is so helpful you don’t even know it’s there. But this is how advanced technology is now. We expect our technology to deliver to the highest performance in a click or tap, we shouldn’t have to think about technology not working.

This is why we have chosen ATAG to be our main boiler of choice for our customers. ATAG boilers are built on over 60 years of engineering excellence. ATAG understands the demands a boiler has on a home. A boiler must deliver on these demands, even in the coldest parts of Northern Europe countries and in the busiest of UK homes. However, it’s not just about keeping a house warm any more, today’s demand goes beyond this.


We want it all, a warm home but at a low cost. Disposable income in the UK is forever reducing. The Economiser Combination boiler with ATAG’s ONE controller has an ErP rating of A+. This mean you could save up to £350 on your gas bill a year.

Part of our service is setting your heating controls on your ATAG ONE controller or we will guide you through the setting for you to do it yourself. Once set up, you will experience the best performance from your ATAG boiler.

The ONE controller is easy to use, but sometimes I have the odd question regarding the controls. Remotely, I can log into my customer’s ATAG ONE controller and assess or make the changes needed for them.

Complete control

The days are gone of a thermostat stuck on the wall in your home (and probably on the wrong wall to truly work). No more checking the wall to make sure no one has tried to increase the temperature without you knowing. Wireless remote-control heating from your phone, tablet and laptop is essential for any busy home. Remote control doesn’t just control your heating, with the ATAG ONE controller you can:

Reliability and support 

From the point of view of a Gas Engineer, one of the most helpful tools the ATAG ONE controller offers us is an alert function to let us know there is an issue with a customer’s boiler. Not only do I know there is a fault, but I receive a code to identify the fault, without the need of visiting the customer’s home.

This saves the inconvenience for my customer and allows me to act fast and fix the fault. Some faults can be fixed from the fantastic world of the Cloud, I don’t even need to go to my customers’ home.

If I do have to visit the customer’s home, by having the accurate information of the fault in advance means I can fix the problem quicker and have the right parts ready.

So that’s why we choose to fit ATAG boilers for our customers! Our customers have busy lives and we know that with our exceptional service and ATAG’s quality boilers, we can deliver the best for our customers.

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